Your Trusted Partner

Your law firm works diligently to cultivate a reputation of excellence. In every manner possible, we will support you on that quest. Listen, we’re not going to inflate our role in your business, but when it comes to our part of the equation:

  • We’ll listen to your feedback and analyze the challenges you face and quickly find ways to accommodate your requests.
  • We’ll accept any challenge you throw our way.
  • And, always (ALWAYS) we will carry out our duties in the most professional manner.

Our deep background in all aspects of litigation support allows us to solve issues before they become your problems. We know the landscape. And we’ll keep our eyes open not just to prevent you from making mistakes, but to alert you to new opportunities that you otherwise might overlook. When you work with the Marjorie Peters Reporting Group, we become your trusted partner.


“The firm is just so easy to work with. Most principals at big firms disappear into the woodwork. But Marjorie is hands-on.”