In court reporting, it’s not enough to have the latest gadgets and gizmos. For a law firm to benefit from our connection to the cutting-edge, we must have a clear understanding of your business needs. We also must have the knowledge and skill to harness technology to deliver solutions that matter to you:

  • Real-time feeds of proceedings to your laptop or tablet with the ability to annotate on the fly;
  • A rough, daily transcript in your inbox by the end of the day;
  • A secure, digital repository to speed access to transcripts;
  • And availability of legal video on request with transcript synchronization.

You’re looking for any edge. While our duty and obligation as court reporters is to provide equitable, unbiased service to all parties, we nonetheless possess the ability to put the power of speed and technology in your hands that will allow you to better serve your clients. We likewise will give you tips and advice to take full advantage of our services.


“Marjorie’s firm is so reliable. I know there are no mistakes. I know that everything is perfect. And I know they’re on the cutting-edge with technology."