Full Service and Support

Depositions, trials, hearings, meetings.   When you need a record, call the maestro.  Marjorie Peters brings an impressive array of credentials to match your reporting requirements with impeccable service.  Read about her credentials here.

Delivery.   We deliver transcripts in 10 business days. Next-day final transcripts, same-day delivery of rough drafts, realtime transcripts streamed to your PC or iPad (or offsite to your expert witness, paralegal, or client) are also available.  Our electronic transcripts come embedded with scanned and hyperlinked exhibits.  Call Marjorie Peters Court Reporting to assure transcripts and documents are organized, secure, and available to you in the format you choose.

Conference needs.  Conference rooms, videoconference, and videography service can be arranged with one call or email to Marjorie Peters Court Reporting.  Rely on us to get the professionals you need in the locations you need them.

Office support.  As a sole proprietor business owner for the last 11 years, Marjorie Peters understands the importance of office support to ensure that all customer service needs are met in a timely manner.  Your calls will be answered with professional staff during business hours.  Emails will be responded to within two hours.

Local and national coverage.  If Marjorie Peters can’t cover your assignment herself, she’ll assign one of her qualified subcontractors.  Having served on the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association Board of Directors and several committees for the National Court Reporters Association, she has fashioned a network of high-caliber reporters across the country.  Should you need a qualified court reporter in another state, Marjorie knows the right reporters to call…those with the right credentials…those with the right experience.

Corporate assignments.   Our resume of corporate clients includes the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, National Institutes of Health, Cochlear Corporation, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League.  Marjorie Peters has the technical expertise required to afford comfort and assurance that the meeting or large event will always be successful and will proceed as planned.  Whether it’s closed captioning, business minutes, a record of a brainstorming session, or access for hard-of-hearing employees, we’ve got you covered.